Cavs vs. Pistons

I had some thoughts about the series going forward and what has happened so far.

At half-time of Game 3 when Lebron only had 2 points, the commentators were kind of critical saying that he needed to be more involved. That first half, Lebron was being double-teamed and pretty much every Piston on the court was watching him and leaning toward him in order to play help defense. Lebron saw this and had seven assists. This was the perfect way to play against a defense like that and all critical comments were unfounded.

Rasheed Wallace has guaranteed a victory in game 4. This isn't football and for whatever reason nobody in the NBA cares about bulletin board material. This statement doesn't really give me any feelings on the game either way.

The Cavs played well on Saturday, but as I said previously, they needed the Pistons' help. While the Cavs played good defense, they can't get all the credit for Detroit's poor shooting. Give the Cavs credit for some of that and some of the turnovers and count the rest toward the Pistons beating themselves.

As I said earlier the Pistons won't shoot almost 60% from three for the whole series. They also probably won't repeat the poor shooting performance from Saturday. They have too many weapons to let that happen in back to back games. Expect them to pick it up offensively in tonight's game.

This series has been defined by the Pistons being the aggressors and then it is just a matter of how well the Cavs react and change. It will be interesting to see what look the Pistons have tonight on defense and whether or not it will keep Lebron's scoring quiet for another first half.

Damn you Adelphia, for not having TNT HD in your cable package. Tonight I will be watching the stretched screen version of the game. I am addicted to HD programming and I really wish you had TNT's HD channel. ARGH!

I want the Cavs obviously, but if I had to bet on tonight's game, straight up, I would assuredly take the Pistons. Anyone who says anything else, is a much bigger homer than I am quite optimistic about my teams even sometimes without enough good reasons.